The Lunch & Learn

The Lunch & Learn


In this fast-paced 90-minute session, you and your team will:


  • Discover the components of a compelling product roadmap
  • Learn how to create a product roadmap using pre-built components (and a bit of creativity)
  • Assess your organization's current roadmapping practice
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What we cover

Each workshop covers core concepts necessary for a great product roadmap:

  • Why relaunch roadmaps?
  • What Is a Roadmap?
  • Roadmap Components
  • Gather the Right Inputs
  • Product Vision
  • Themes & Features
  • Prioritization based on value/effort
  • Gaining Buy-In
  • Making Tradeoffs
  • Present & Share
  • Roadmap Evolution
  • Relaunching in your organization

What's Included

  • 90 minutes of instruction and hands-on exercises
  • Q&A with one of the co-authors of the book
  • Assessment of your organization's roadmapping practice
  • 10 copies of the book Product Roadmaps Relaunched (additional books available at a discount)