Product Roadmapping
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Product Roadmapping
Ready to relaunch your roadmaps? Liftoff in 3, 2, 1...

how to Embrace uncertainty and set direction

PRoduct Roadmaps:


About the book

It’s about time someone brought product roadmapping out of the dark ages of waterfall development and made it into the strategic communications tool it should be. McCarthy and team have cracked the code.
— Steve Blank, author of The Startup Owner’s Manual
This is a fantastic book with so much useful information on every page. Plus, Chapter 7 on prioritization: if it was shorter I would have it tattooed on my arm.
— Tim Frick, CEO, Mightybytes, author of Designing for Sustainability

Who makes product roadmaps? You do.

This practical guide teaches you how to create an effective product roadmap, and demonstrates how to use the roadmap to align stakeholders and prioritize ideas and requests. With it, you’ll learn to communicate how your products will make your customers and organization successful. 

Whether you’re a product manager, product owner, business analyst, program manager, project manager, scrum master, lead developer, designer, development manager, entrepreneur, business owner, this book will show you how to: 

  • Articulate an inspiring vision and goals for their product 
  • Prioritize ruthlessly and scientifically 
  • Protect against pursuing seemingly good ideas without evaluation and prioritization 
  • Ensure alignment with stakeholders 
  • Inspire loyalty and over-delivery from their team 
  • Get your sales team working with you instead of against you 
  • Bring a user and buyer-centric approach to planning and decision-making 
  • Anticipate opportunities and stay ahead of the game 
  • Publish a comprehensive roadmap without overcommitting



SEE WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY about the book! 

Product roadmaps matter. You can’t build a great company unless you have a great strategy and a product roadmap is a way of clearly articulating that strategy. This book makes it clear how to develop the core components of a roadmap, the problem set, the value propositions, and areas of focus for the customer.
— Jeffrey Bussgang, General Partner, Flybridge Capital
The theme-driven roadmap is the only way to operate today. By focusing on value rather than features or dates, this book makes product roadmaps useful again.
— David Cancel, CEO, Drift
It’s critical that you start a dialog with your sales and marketing teams early about what’s on your roadmap. The approach described in this book allows you to do that effectively by focusing on what’s important—the customer and their problems—and not getting caught up in features and specific dates.
— Carol Meyers, CMO, Rapid7
This book clearly articulates what a roadmap should, and more importantly should not, be in order to make the connection between product vision and what problems need to be solved to in order to achieve it. It’s a must read for product people, but it shouldn’t stop there. Anyone who is in a product driven org should be reading this as well so that the entire team can align around this important tool.
— Ryan Frere, VP Product at Flywire
This is the first book I can wholeheartedly recommend to my students on the subject of product roadmapping. So long to committing to unvalidated features upfront, and hello to communicating progress on solving problems.
— Melissa Perri, CEO, ProdUX Labs and founder of Product Institute
Product roadmaps have been long misunderstood as tools of project forecasting rather than product vision. This book clarifies their purpose—required reading for product leaders with a vision to share! Finally, product roadmaps are given their due as a critical part of the Agile process—making sure you’re solving a problem worth solving!
— Lisa Long, Vice President of Innovation and Product Management, Telenor